SENZOR-INFIZ is a spin-off company of the Institute of Physics – Belgrade, Serbia (, which deals with research, development and finally the small series production of various sensors, such as meteorological sensors to measure wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure and temperature.

We have a lot of experience in producing of optical components and devices for different purposes (laser rangefinder, meteorological sensors & devices, hunting telescopes etc.). We are also trained and authorized to repair Laser Range Finders in the heavy vehicles.

SENZOR-INFIZ has a thin films technology production area (150 m2). The clean room (class 100 to class 1000) contains a mask shop with a deep violet lithography (1 um resolution), vacuum deposition systems (thermal evaporation and sputtering), double face alignment, wafer scriber, bonder, Talystep for film thickness measurements, etc. Some of these facilities are presented in the next few figures.

Thermal evaporation in vacuum
RF and DC spattering system
Taylor Hobson Talystep
Karl Suss, Mask Aligner MJB3
Prettl Laminar Flow cabinet
Headway Research, Photo resist spinner

:: Contact ::

PIB: 100106005

MAT. BR.: 07753608

Senzor Infiz d.o.o.
Preduzeće za istraživanje, razvoj i malo - serijsku proizvodnju

TEL: +381 11 3161597

Pregrevica 118, 11080 Beograd

:: Battery charger and analyzer ::
- battery charger for Ni-Cd
- battery charger for Ni-MH
- battery charger for Li-Ion
- battery analyzer for Ni-Cd
- battery analyzer for Ni-MH

:: Test Equipment ::

:: Meteorological station ::
- wind speed 0-40 m/s
- wind direction 0-360°
- air temp. -40°C to +70°C
- 600-1300 mBar
- rel.air humidity 0-100%RH